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Ohri and Olivier become close travelling companions over the course of the Gestalt manga.  This relationship isn't shown quite as much in the anime, but hey, there's only two episodes! Ohri does constantly tell Olivier that she loves him and wants to serve him to the best of her ability... but part of Ohri's secret may seem to displace that. ::nudge nudge wink wink know-what-I-mean-say-no-more::  However, Ohri and Olivier do have a few cute romantic moments, and another thing pointing in that direction is the fact that she regains more power after he kisses her...  Don't forget, however, Olivier was a priest. So needless to say there's some funny action as Ohri flirts with her Master!

Ohri seems to like making Olivier squirm, offering to sell herself for food, and whipping off her clothes in front of him... but relax! She was just getting changed.

One of the cutest moments between Ohri and Olivier is when Ohri is lying, half-concious, in Olivier's arms.  Ohri whispers "I want to be able to tell you anything, Master, because I love you.  If you feel the same way... please kiss me again..."

Of course he does.

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