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All fanart here has been done by Lilith except for one... so far. If you want to contribute something, please e-mail it! We'd love to have it!!!

Catgirl Ohri!
My friend Laree, mom of Nessa-chan, has this hanging up in her office! Framed, too!!!

Dramatic Ohri!
This one I gave to Kristy-chan.  She loves it. ^o^


This one is still wandering around my room somewhere... in case you were wondering, Ohri is holding a ball of magic to tease Suzu, and Suzu is holding an Olivier plushie.  This isn't one of my better works, but, hey, I'm including everything G here.

Magical Ohri!

This is the first picture of Ohri I ever drew.  My brother had it hanging in his room at minesman school... and he says all of his shipmates kept trying to steal it! ! !

My friend Jen Edwards saw my Gestalt manga in her Ceramics class... Then she asked me what it would take to get me to lend it to her!  I let her borrow it for a night and she turned out this awesome pic of Ohri--not bad for her first attempt at anime, ne?

That's all I've drawn for now. Pretty soon Kristy will have finished an Ohri pic to put here, and I hope to finish a few pics of Suzu and Olivier.  Comments? Requests?  I'll do my best to reply!

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