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Olivier is a relatively young priest of the Vasaria order.  He left the order on a strong impulse to go to G, where, according to Vasaria religion, the demon god Gestalt was banished after being beaten by the god Vasarians worship, Salsaroa.  Olivier is intuitive, sensitive, kind and upright.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong, although later he finds his sense to be slightly off...


Ohri and Olivier's relationship is complicated, to say the least.  Ohri insists that he's her Master and follows him anywhere.  Olivier feels a sort of friendship and curiousity towards Ohri, and lets her travel along (even though he really didn't have any choice!)  Ohri and his relationship expands as his journey towards G--and the truth--unfold.

More on these two?

Suzu has been hired by Olivier's former higher-up, the Father Messiah, to find him and bring him back to the Vasaria order.  Suzu is determined to do this.  Suzu knows Olivier as a very devout priest and is shocked when she hears he left, but nothing can stop her from trying to bring him back... well, SOME things can...  Suzu is incredably jealous of Ohri's attentions to Olivier.  

Shazan and Raja
After prying Ohri away from him, Olivier and Shazan meet to talk about the events in Shazan's hometown.  Shazan and his friend, Raia, are very mad that Raja's brother has been executed for no apparent reason and ask Olivier for his help.  Olivier agrees to do the right thing and seek the truth.

Father Messiah
Olivier used to be very close to Father Messiah.  Father Messiah is dedicated to the Vasarian order and is absolutely horrified when Olivier tells him of his doubts on Vasaria and leaves for G.  Father Messiah is desperate to have him back, even so far as hiring the dark elf, Suzu, to find him.