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Suzu is the dark elf hired to find Olivier.  She has talent for summoning creatures with a magic horn, the prefered one of which is her faithful Chameleon, a large lizard/dragon she can ride through the skies.  Suzu has a bouncy personality and loves money.  She is also a talented sorceress.

Father Messiah
Even though priests generally don't associate with dark elves, Father Messiah calls upon Suzu in an emergency--she needs to find Olivier and bring him back into the order.  Suzu whips out her calculator and haggles over the price, then agrees.  She seems to like Father Messiah well enough.

Suzu is determined to bring Olivier back.  She seems jealous of his and Ohri's relationship and tries her hardest to take the unwilling Olivier away from her.

Ohri is her one obstacle to this.  At first she dismissed Ohri as a 'little girl' but that changed when Ohri cast a spell on her!  Suzu dislikes Ohri intensely, but that changes later as they become friends.

Shazan and Suzu don't interact much but at the end of the second episode she's left in his care.