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Ohri... the cutest little slave girl in anime... and one you wouldn't like to anger.  Sure, she looks all sweet and innocent and fragile, but don't make her mad!  This girl has more power than twenty Oliviers combined.

Ohri is actually a silenced sorceress from the dread island "G."  She's come to the main continent for a game, but not a game many people are invited to play.  Nor would many people WANT to play, considering the losers die.  Ohri takes this 'game' very seriously, because she wants to find out who the strongest of her brothers is.  

So who is Ohri?  Without spoilers, I can't say much.

Ohri is very mysterious... one moment she's cute and bouncy, utterly devoted to her Master, the next her eyes grow cold and she's heartlessly displaying her power.  Whenever Ohri uses her power, a strange red-haired man appears.  Who could this guy be?


Ohri's first and most obvious relationship is to Father Olivier.  Since he became her 'Master' she has become utterly devoted to him, willing to protect him at any cost.  Olivier is also able to dispell her so her magic power can become even greater.

More on these two?

Ohri and Suzu don't get along too well.  Ohri wants to accompany her Master to G, and Suzu is dead set on stopping him on orders from Father Messiah!  Ohri and Suzu clash quite a bit, but later in the manga it is seen that they become friends.

Ohri also has some kind of connection to Soushi--and she wants to kill him, as he wants to kill her.  She came soooo close... but so did he.  Better luck next time, ne?  Ohri treats Soushi very inferiorly, and of course since Soushi is a bit of a snob this angers him greatly.  He's amazed to see Ohri at first, then laughs because of the form of her handicap.  Ohri notices him and gives him a quick glare that promises she won't forget about him...

Ohri first meets Shazan as she's trying to sell her body for money.  She rushes towards him, crying "He's my type!"  However, when Shazan looks at her he sees for a split second a red-headed man, and asks if she's not alone.  By that time Olivier catches up, but it's clear that Shazan can see into hidden parts of Ohri's mystery.