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Father Olivier, priest of the Vasaria order, is having a religious crisis.  He can't fight the urge he has to go to "G" the mysterious island the dread god of the same name was banished to.  He decides to leave the Vasaria order to find out the truth about "G" and satisfy his crisis.  So he packs his bags and sets off.

Sounds simple, huh?

Not in the slightest.

Father Messiah, head of the order, has a little problem with his formerly devoted priest deciding to take off to an island where an evil god may reside... needless to say, that would make things look very, very bad for the Vasaria Order, ne?  So he swallows his pride and summons up a dark elf to fetch Olivier and hopefully knock some sense into him.  Suzu agrees to find him after a liiiittle bartering and sets off with her faithful Chameleon!

Meanwhile, Olivier is staying at an inn.  After another weird dream, he wakes up to meet the landlady, who asks him for a small favor... a miracle.  She wants to cheer up the people of the village and have something to brag about in the years to come, besides having a Vasarian Priest staying in her inn, of course.  Olivier doesn't want to tell her that he left the order and goes outside to make ancient cherry trees blossom with thousands of pretty petals.  Everyone is duly amazed, and the landlady mentions she's left Olivier a present as he goes in to pack.  He opens the door to his room and...

YOWWIE!  A scantily-clad girl is sitting on his bed!  Wrong room.  Olivier slams the door, then retraces his steps... it's his room.  He goes in again.  The girl greets him, explaining that she belongs to him through a little blue box (she can't talk).  Olivier is astonished and offended--slavery is BAD!  He marches downstairs and firmly tells the landlady in no uncertain terms he cannot accept this gift in any way, shape or form.

A few hours later, Olivier and his new slave girl are walking down the road.  Olivier politely tells her that he cannot keep her, as he is journeying to a very dangerous place.  The girl doesn't comprehend and continues to call him "Master."  Then, in comes Suzu! The girl begs Olivier for a kiss as Suzu attacks them, which seems strange, until...

Her voice comes back! And she uses it to chant a spell that sends poor Suzu flying! She's just doing her job, you know.  Olivier is amazed as Ohri introduces herself as a sorceress from G.  They decide to travel together until, since they're both kind of heading the same way, and since Ohri won't give up her "master..."

A few fights and escapes here and there, and Ohri and Olivier are off to G, to find out the truth behind the battle of the gods thousands of years ago.  Suzu hurries along after, doing her best to catch Olivier and get that money...

And that is Gestalt, in a nutshell, and a very small nutshell at that.  Only two episodes have been released, and due to the fact that I'm illiterate in Japanese, I can only explain about that much.  However, I'm working on translating the Gestalt graphic novel #4, ( be nice if I had 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 )and it's obvious from the pictures that there is much, much more to this story than first meets the eye. It seems so simple, but remember to look at the entire shape... as the Gestalt theory states.