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Konnichiwa!!! Welcome to G, the mysterious and very scary island!  I'm Suzu, the cutest dark elf for hire you'll ever find!  This page is about me, and the person I've been hired to find, Father Olivier!  Oh, and that annoying sorceress that follows him around might be somewhere on here too...  But anyways, following Father Olivier is hard work, especially when that sorceress girl keeps blowing me up and away!  But my faithful Chameleon and I won't fail! For the right price, of course. So where do you want to go first?

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You're still here?  Well! I guess it's time to introduce you to Lilith, who made this page.  For some reason she likes that sorceress girl, Ohri, and this page almost started out as a shrine to HER! Can you believe it?  Of course, she decided that I was far too cute to leave out, so she decided to make it to everyone in Gestalt!  Me, an afterthought!  Of all the rude... well, anyways, here she is!

 Hi everyone!  I know Suzu did a great job of introducing you, so I won't take up much more time.  This page is a shrine to the AWESOME anime and manga, Gestalt, by Yun Kouga.  This anime isn't nearly as well-known as it deserves to be, and I'm just doing my part in fixing that!  I hope you like this page. This is only the second or third webpage I've made, so be nice, please!  E-mail me if you want to know anything else! ~ Li-chan

You're sure they don't want to hear more about me?